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Setting Golang Plugin on VSCode for Autocomplete and Auto-import

Setting Golang Plugin on VSCode for Autocomplete and Auto-import

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Teten Nugraha
·May 13, 2020·

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Okay, long time no see. On this article I’ll share about go language installation and plugin using visual studio so that you can use Auto-Completion and Auto-import Golang Plugin.

Step 1

Go to golang web and download installer based on your system operation.

Step 2

Install golang as usual, and setting Gopath manually first. I make go-wokspace folder on C:\Users{user}\Documents which is we can use as GOPATH. After that you add on user variables like this

Step 3

Under go-workspace folder, create three folder called bin, pkg, and src

Step 4

Open you terminal and type go env

Step 5

Open Visual Studio and search Golang Plugin and then install it

Step 6

After that, still on VsCode click View -> Command Pallete or type Ctrl+Shift+P and type goinstall update/tools.

check all dependencies and click OK. it will take time to download all dependencies.

Step 7

Add some custom configuration on User Setting

on settings.json, and this script and then restart vscode

make simple project, and now you can use the plugins features.

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