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Integrate JUnit and Mockito, Unit Testing for Controller Layer

Integrate JUnit and Mockito, Unit Testing for Controller Layer

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On this article, we will talk about how to implement Unit Test and we will integrate unit test tool between JUnit and Mockito only on Controller Layer. But previously, I will using my code on article https://medium.com/backend-habit/membuat-rest-api-sederhana-dengan-spring-boot-part-iii-user-controller-9adb190ecae1. and on this article, I wil continue from my previous article https://medium.com/backend-habit/integrate-junit-and-mockito-unit-testing-for-service-layer-a0a5a811c58a

Lets Start..

create new file called UserControllerTest.java

[@WebMvcTest](http://twitter.com/WebMvcTest)(controllers = UserController.class)
class UserControllerTest {

    private MockMvc mockMvc;  

    private UserService userService; 

    private List<User> userList;       

    void setUp() {                               
       this.userList = new ArrayList<>();                                    this.userList.add(new User(1L, "user1@gmail.com", "pwd1","User1"));                               this.userList.add(new User(2L, "user2@gmail.com", "pwd2","User2"));                               this.userList.add(new User(3L, "user3@gmail.com", "pwd3","User3"));                                                       



@MockMVCTest : annotation is used for Spring MVC tests. It disables full auto-configuration and instead apply only configuration relevant to MVC tests.

@MockMvc : is a class part of Spring MVC Test which help you to test controllers explicitly starting a Servlet container.

and then, we create dummy data on userList.

Test Fetch All User

Test Fetch 1 User By Id

Test 404 Response when access fetch 1 user by Id

Test Create New User

Test Create New User without Email filled

Test Delete One User by Id

for completed code, I stored on github and you can access to https://github.com/teten777/spring-boot-rest-api, and we will talk about how to generate code coverage report with Jacoco and sonarqube.

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